The first school in Granville, North Dakota, constructed in 1904.

Granville's first school was constructed in 1904 at a cost of $5,000. It was a two-story building known as the "School on the Hill", as it was built on one of the town's hills, pointing north. The original school employed four teachers: Evelyn Fischer, Fred Buckwalter, Cordelia Essie Shoemaker, and Ruth Wilbur, who worked together to teach all of the enrolled students. The school became a public school in 1911, and held its first graduation on that year, with a graduating class of three (Luella Crain, Marjorie Morrison, and Leonard Omlid.


In 1915, Granville was at its economic and population high. Education also became a major topic at this time because people started to believe every child had the right to a free education. In 1914, Granville believed that it needed a school building to keep up with modern times and changes. On February 4, 1916, the new three story school building was completed with a cost of $30,000. The construction of the building was done by the Northern Construction Company of Grand Forks. The new three story building housed a elementary, high school, and gym. During the 1930's and 1940's Granville was one of the top schools in the state. Granville athletics were also at the top of their division. The Granville Eagles were well known around the state as a team to be reckoned with. In 1963, the school go an addition added, new elementary classrooms along with a new cafeteria. In 1979, Granville saw that the school building was in tough shape and something needed to be done. After a lot of discussion and donations, the decision to tear down the old three story building was final.

Granville had its largest student population in 1915, and education became a major topic in that year, as people were beginning to accept that every child had a right to a free education. A new three-story school building was built by the Northern Construction Company of Grand Forks in 1916, at a cost of $30,000. This building housed an elementary and high school, as well as a gymnasium. The Granville school system was one of the top schools in North Dakota during the 1930s and 1940s. However, by 1979, the school building was in bad shape, and it was decided to demolish it.


Construction on an new high school building began in 1978, a building that exists today. After graduation in 1979, the old school building was stripped and demolished. Since the cafeteria and elementary class rooms were in good shape, they were saved, along with the shop on the west side of the building. The new school was completed in time for the fall semester of 1979. The original school bell and some of the bricks from the old school were saved, and made into a memorial, which sits in front of the new high school building; it reads, "High School 1915-1979". 

In 2001, Granville combined with Towner and Upham to become TGU School District #60.


Formerly known as the Granville Eagles, the school's sports team is now the Towner-Granville-Upham Titans, its sports programs including girls and boys basketball, baseball, football, track, weight lifting, and band.

TGU Granville's music program holds four concerts each year and plays at the high school basketball games and during the high school graduation ceremonies. Many students are involved in TGU Granville's FFA program, competing at the state and national levels. The school also offers a greenhouse for vocational agricultural students.

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