Rose Hill Township


This is an unorganized township. Because of its geographical location, the township is sparsely populated. Locally, the township is known as Rosehill, or Rose Hill, but its official designation is Township 155, Range 78.

The first person to file a claim in Rose Hill Township was Adolph Rom, who did so in 1903. Knute Larson came from South Dakota soon afterward, bringing sheep. The hilly terrain of Rose Hill Township made it ideal for sheep or cattle. The first marriage to take place in Rose Hill Township was that of Curtis Proffitt and Grace Huff, who married in 1907.

Initially, Rose Hill Township was combined with Granville, Egg Creek and Riga, which made up the Deep River School District. Later, they were divided into separate districts. The first school teacher in Rose Hill Township was Ed Ray, who taught at School No. 2, in the northwest corner of Section 22, in 1903-1904. The schoolhouse was 16x20-feet in size, and fifteen or sixteen students attended school there.

R.P. Syverson taught in School No. 1 during the 1904-1905 school year. This schoolhouse was also known as the Burchett School, which was one mile east of William LaValley's homestead. This school was later rebuilt and moved to the southwest corner of Section 4 in 1925-1926. Both teachers boarded at the C.A. Barkus home, and R.P. Syverson rode a bicycle to and from school.

When the districts were separated, the school board met at Towner to decide on an official name. Several names were proposed, and the school board chose Rosehill as the name for the district, and the township later took its name from the school district.

As original homesteaders died or moved away, for a time A.E. Burchett was the only original homesteader remaining, and the township was sometimes referred to locally as Burchett's Township, although it never held that original designation. The pioneers received their mail, attended church services, and bought supplies at Riga. Other early settlers were L. Heath, who came from Iowa in 1901, establishing the Heath Nursery, which carried evergreens, deciduous trees, and fruit trees; Anton Jacobson, who filed on a homestead in Section 11 in 1902; and the Barkus family, who filed in 1903. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heath filed a homestead claim in 1902, building a 12x12-foot sod house with one door and one window.

Mr. and Mrs. Blaker filed a homesteading claim in 1907. They later moved to Granville, where Mr. Blaker served as telegraph operator, although the homestead remained in their name.

The first baby born in Rose Hill Township was Fern Burke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard Burke. She was delivered in 1916 by Dr. Craise, who was assisted by Mrs. Heath, a nurse who later became Mrs. R.P. Syverson. Doctors and medical care were hard to come by in Rose Hill Township in the early days. Mrs. W.E. Proffitt and Mrs. C.A. Barkus also served as nurses in the area, often working together on difficult cases.

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