Kottke Valley Township

Kottke Valley Township was organized in the home of Joe and Ida Woods in 1903. Others who were present during the organization were Halvor Johnson, E.S. Omlid, and S.T. Nestingen. Kottke Valley Township was named after the first homesteaders who settled in the area.

Kottke Valley was later renamed the Rising Community, a name that was given to the area when the Farmers Elevator was built on the Granville-Sherwood Branch Lines in 1915. The railroad came through in 1906, cutting farms in two, mostly cornerwise. Prairie fires were sometimes started by the trains. Cows and horses were often on the tracks, and killed.

A school was organized by the same people who had organized the township. The first school house was built in Kottke Valley Township in 1904. This school was located a half mile west of the Joe Woods homestead.

These men also organized a church. The first Lutheran pastor to serve the area was the Reverend Rossing, who came from Bergen.

The earliest settlers came to the area perhaps before 1900. Dorothy Stokke recollected that these early settlers included the Parges, Moldens, Kinzells, and John Huddlesons, who settled in the southwest part of the township. Further north were the Andrew Anderson family, the Will Johnsons, the Omlids, and a couple of girls by the name of Sturdevant, who homesteaded a quarter. Addison Wells, Hartvig Jacobson, and John Holum were in the northeast. Further east were Joe Woods, Earl Woodall, the Kringlees, Hilleruds, and the Wintermutes, as well as another Woods family.

Toward the southeastern part of the township were a Ford family, Frank Goodman, John Fiskwick, Henry Ward Beecher, George Good, Frank Jurgens, the Olimbs, Ed McClusky, and the Homer Nichols family. The McCarthys and the George Edward Busch families were toward the middle of the township.

For a time, school was held in a room at George Edward Busch's homestead, until a school was built in a corner of a field on land owned by Mr. Olimb, where the road crosses the Great Northern Branch Line. The teacher was Mr. Stewart, who later married Tillie Olimb. In 1916, a new school was built east of the old one, later to serve as a community hall.

Reminiscing about her time in the early years of Kottke Valley Township, Dorothy Stokke said that the people who lived there were active in community affairs, in spite of having to drive horses, care for horses, cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys, with the women doing all of the cooking and baking, and the men repairing shoes.

There was an active farmers club. The whole family attended, and pot luck dinners were held at noon in the winter. The farmers club organized the Rising Elevator Company, and built an elevator that was used until trucks began hauling most of the grain, and grain cars were hard to get on the tracks. The farmers club later transitioned into a Homemakers Club.


  • Halvor and William Johnson
  • William Reynolds
  • Emma and Mary Sturtevant
  • George and Esther Busch
  • Frank Goodman
  • Hartvig Jacobson
  • William Hutson
  • J.C. Fishvik
  • John Lickle
  • George Good
  • Henry Ward Beecher
  • L.V. Carr
  • Frank Jurgens
  • Bert and Clarence Cross
  • George Lippman
  • Chris Olimb
  • Alice McCarthy
  • Charles Smith
  • Louise Erickson
  • Anthony Raw
  • William Treftz
  • Gottlieb and Mattis Kottke
  • Saren Krefting
  • William Robertson
  • Daniel Hagesead
  • Hagbart Olson
  • Peter Kinsell
  • Ozero Huddleson
  • W.J. Clough
  • R.D. Whitney
  • Marie Molden
  • Martin Aakrand
  • Thomas Ryan
  • John Spielberg
  • Frank Mullens
  • Henry Vollertson
  • Silas Burgett
  • Mrs. Erick Torgrimson
  • Carl and Amelia Torgrimson
  • Casper Torgrimson
  • Hansina and George Nelson
  • Hans Nelson
  • Peter C. Peterson
  • Earl Woodall
  • Joe Woods
  • Nels Holum
  • John Holum
  • Theodore Alexander
  • Addison Wells
  • Frank Buckwalter
  • Charles Wilkinson
  • Edward Bratrud
  • Ana and Trina Holum
  • George Clements
  • Eli Woods
  • Victor Hiatt
  • Martin Kringlee
  • Pettis Ford
  • Lena Busch
  • Henry Bechtell
  • Hilda Woodall
  • Marilla Mountain
  • John Quam
  • Chris Hovde
  • A. Besancon
  • Clarence Lamaeaux
  • Henry and John Darland
  • Lars Peterson
  • Peter M. Peterson
  • Emil Eastman
  • Kalbein Hovde
  • Spenser Dameron
  • Chris Hanson
  • Daniel Kottke
  • Maude Fellows
  • W.A. Marlatt
  • Even Omlid
  • Simon Nestigen
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