Gilmore Township

Gilmore Township was also known as Township 157, Range 78. The first settler of Gilmore Township was John Marion Gilmore, for whom it was named. He died at the age of ninety-two, and had ten children, five daughters and five sons.

John M. Gilmore was born in Iowa in 1845, and his wife had been born, also in Iowa, in 1853.

John came to North Dakota in 1902, along with his family, and homesteaded about eight miles north and three miles east of what would later become Granville. Two daughters also homesteaded near their parents.

The township would later take their name, becoming Gilmore Township.

The Gilmores farmed and had a few cattle up until the early 1930s, when they moved into town. In his younger days, Mr. Gilmore also had a threshing rig, and did much of the threshing for his neighbors.

Mrs. Gilmore passed away in 1935, Mr. Gilmore in 1937.

W.E. Carty homesteaded the NW Quarter of Section 31 in 1902, which was in Gilmore Township. Carty served on the school board for fifteen years, and on the township board for fourteen years.

The first school in Gilmore Township was the North Lake School, which was a small quonset-top, type of a claims shack owned by Charlie Osgood. Later, a school was built one mile east, which became School No. 24. Two early school board members were C.A. Allison and John Gilmore.

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