A History of the First Lutheran Church of Granville, North Dakota

There is little in the way of a written record of the ministry among Lutherans in the Granville area about 1897. Area Lutherans were served from Minot, rural Denbigh, Drake, Towner, Velva, and Deering. There was no continuing development until much later.

The current congregation largely as a result of mission work on the part of the Denbigh congregation in 1913, and was reorganized in 1924.

The first service was held in Riga in 1925, as an effort to reach more Lutherans. It was the Riga Township congregation that was first accepted as a member of the Lutheran Church of America.

The Riga church had been sold in 1927, so it was necessary for the congregation to look for a new home. As the populations in the rural areas had been in decline, it was decided that a location in Granville would be best.

Learning that the Methodist Church in Granville was going to be demolished, under the guidance of Rev. R.T. Wanberg of Towner, Rev. L.T. Reishus of Velva, and O.L. Wangsness, a member of the congregation, the Lutherans bought the Methodist church building for $800 on July 12, 1927, and the new church was incorporated on April 27, 1928.

The pastors who had served the Lutheran congregation in Granville between 1897 and 1930 were the Rev. Brunsvold, Rev. T.H. Tonnesen, Rev. O.J. Akren, Rev. H.D. Halvorson, Rev. N.I. Berg, Rev. R.T. Wanberg, and Rev. L.T. Reishus, who served with Wanberg.

First Lutheran Church

The First Lutheran Church of Granville occupied the same building until October 8, 1961, when a new $75,000 church was dedicated. The mortgage was paid up by October 8, 1974.

The pastors who served full-timem in the First Lutheran Church of Granville between 1930 and 1974 were the Rev. O.A. Jordahl, Rev. D.G. Jacobson, Rev. O.J. Nesheim, Rev. Raymond Overgaard, Rev. Gerald Mundrom, Mr. Robert Foster, the Rev. Maroloe Karlen, Rev. Merle D. Brown, Rev. Ron McComb, and the Rev. Dennis Anderson.

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