A History of the Hope Congregational Church

A Congregational group was first organized in Granville, North Dakota in 1903. The names on the charter list included Jane P. Stubbins, Cora Beardsley, Henry L. House, Mathilda House, Agnes Boutilier, Mae Burlingame, and Mrs. Llovd.

During the first three years of the church, worship services and other programs were held in various buildings on Main Street.

The cornerstone for the frame church building was laid on September 24, 1906. Carpenter work was begun in October, with a large amount of the labor donated by local members and friends of the church.

The first furnace was installed in the church in November of that year, and a gasoline lighting plant was installed in February of 1907. The church's 1,800-lb. bell was a gift of George E. Stubbins, and it arrived later in the month, as did the new pews.

The first officers of the church included H.L. House (trustee), G.L. Dilts and H.L. House (deacons), Mrs. W.F. Clarke (clerk), the Rev. J.F. Lansborough (Sunday School superintendent), and Mable Kelsey (organist). The Ladies Aid Society reported having raised $400 during the year of 1906.

The first church was dedicated on Sunday, March 17, 1907, with union services at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and at 8:00 p.m.

In July of 1907, the Rev. Lansborough resigned the pastorate.

The original church building served for about fifty years, until 1956, and was demolished on December 11th of that year.

The cornerstone of the new Hope Congregational Church building was laid on September 25, 1957. The opening for the cermonial cornerstone is a space 15,15,4-inches, and will included, in a sealed document container, a roll of all who have been member of the church, with the addition of those affiliating at the Sunday service, including the names of all church officers and the contractor, David Skoglund of Velva, and other historical data. The stone and capsule were gifts from Mr. and Mrs. David Brown, in memory of their daughter, Janie. The book for the membership roll was contributed by Mrs. Bessie McDaniel.


The pastors who have served the Hope Congregational Church through 1976 include Thomas A. Taylor, John F. Lansborough, O.P. Chaplin, D.E. Winslow, William D. Farrer, David Leppert, C.M. Christianson, Thomas W. Bradley, Carl Bast, Andrew J. Taylor, Phillip Mercer, Ruel P. Snider, James T. Garratt, H.C. Crellin, Percival C. Paker, C.W. Davis, John K. Strong, R.S. Jones, Robert Kronmeyer, the Rev. and Mrs. Armel Whitiver, Robert Baker, Wendell Marshal, Susanna A. Olson, Gailen R. Miller, Dan J. Sillers, Warren G. Allen, Gary L. Davis, Warren G. Allen, Mr. Andrews, Jim Petrick, Phil Lint, and G. Arthur Brooks. Some of these pastors were students, while others were lay pastors.

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