William & Lilly Barkus

William and Lilly Barkus moved to Granville in 1902, filing a homestead claim to land in Egg Creek Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

William H. Barkus was born in 1862 near Elkin, Illinois. He moved with his parents to Manchester, Iowa as a boy. Lilly Jane McGinnis was born near Zanesville, Ohio in 1865. When she was a year old, her parents moved her to Manchester, Iowa.

William and Lilly Jane were married at Sands Springs, Iowa in 1883. The Barkus family moved to Marcus, Iowa, and then to Larchwood, before relocating to Granville on May 2, 1902, taking up residence on a homestead in Egg Creek Township.

William and Lilly Jane gave birth to five children. They were Ernest, Cameron, and Lovitt Fay, who was killed by lightning in 1904, as well as Charles Van, and Ethel Amanda, who was born in Granville, but died at the age of three.

William H. Barkus helped in the organization of Egg Creek Township, served on the school board, and as township assessor for several years.

In 1916, the Barkus family moved into Granville, where William worked at the Farmers Store, and at Richardson's Elevator. In 1926, W.H. Barkus established a cream buying station. After being burned out twice, he got his own building and operated his business until he retired at the age of seventy-nine.

William H. Barkus was a member of the Ashlar Masonic Lodge of Granville, and was the city assessor for several years. Lilly Jane was a member of the Order of Eastern Star and a charter member of the American Legion Auxiliary. Both were members of the Alfalfameade Club.

They had been married for fifty years when Lilly Jane passed away in 1938, at the age of seventy-three. William died in 1956, one month before his ninety-fifth birthday.

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