William & Ada Johnson

William C. Johnson was born in Dumont, Iowa on September 1, 1873. At the age of fourteen, he moved with his parents to Bartlett, in the Devils Lake, North Dakota region. He moved to Lakota in 1887.

Ada Elizabeth Pemberton was born on September 22, 1868 in Rosemount, Minnesota.

William and Ada were married at Lakota on December 22, 1892. In the spring of 1902, William and Ada Johnson settled on a homestead in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota. This was their home for forty-one years, after which they moved to Granville, where they lived for twelve years before Ada passed away in 1954. Prior to his death, William had moved to Williston, North Dakota. He died at the age of eighty-six in 1960.

While on the farm, William had been active in community affairs, and held positions of trust in the township and school district organizations. For many years after moving to Granville, he continued to supervise the operation of his farm.

William and Ada had five children. In 1894, a son had died as an infant. Their other children included Arthur, Ida, Rose, and Anna.

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