Walter & Emily Wheeler

Emily arrived in Granville in 1906, living there until 1910, when she moved to Minneapolis. There she married Walter Surface Wheeler in 1914, and the couple moved back to Granville, in McHenry County, North Dakota. Emily's aunt had the Segerlin Millinery shop in Granville from 1907 to 1910.

Walter S. Wheeler came from Missouri about 1902 with his father, Jonathan, his mother, Hannah, and his siblings, Charles W., Jessie and Amelia, as well as three children, Amelia, Charles and Edna Davis, who were the children of another sister, Emily, who had died giving birth to her last child.

The adults all took out homestead claims about seven miles north of Granville. Walter's father, Jonathan, died in 1910.

The farmers got together and built their own telephone line, leasing it to the Bell system in Granville. Each participating home had a telephone with a distinct ring.

Walter bought his first car in the rural district in 1908. It was a Locomobile, which he paid $1,000 for in Chicago. A 1906 model, it was only two years old. The body was aluminum, the seats were leather upholstered, and there was a lot of brass. The driver's seat was on the right side rather than the left, and it had carbide lights. It did not have a windshield when he bought it, but he bought one and installed it himself. He also put a cloth top on the car.

In 1933, the family decided to move to California, and sold out to a man named Gridley.

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