Torgrimson Family

Casper "Cap" Torgrimson came to North Dakota from Grand Meadow, Minnesota in 1901, and homesteaded on land in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

In 1905, he married Christine Sjurson, who came from Buttler, South Dakota in 1901 to file on land in Kottke Valley Township. Her brother, Ole, came at that time, and filed on a homestead claim.

Eric Torgimson Sr., Casper's father, and a brother, Emil, as well as two sisters, Emily and Elise, also filed on land in Kottke Valley Township.

Eric Torgimson Sr. also operated an implement dealership with locations in Norwich and Deering, North Dakota. He moved back to Minnesota in 1908.

In 1913, the Cap Torgrimsons rented their farm out and moved to Minot, where Mr. Torgrimson operated a butcher shop. In 1920, they moved back to the farm.

Cap Torgrimson owned one of the first steam operated threshing machines in the community. The crew consisted of an engineer, separator man, one water wagon, one straw wagon, twelve bundle team, besides several grain haulers. A cook car followed the rig from farm to farm.

Cap was a handyman in the community, helping neighbors butcher meat, and also doing some lay veterinary work with sick animals and horses.

Mrs. Cap Torgrimson passed away in 1951 at the age of seventy-nine. Mr. Cap Torgrimson died in 1961 at the age of eighty-eight.

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