Thomas Allen Family


Thomas J. Allen came to North Dakota in 1908 with his wife, two sons (Earl and Orion), and one daughter (Ethel). They came from Missouri. Their oldest son, Myron, remained in Missouri with his wife, Nellie.

The Thomas family settled south of Norwich, where Thomas lived for the rest of his life, except for three years that he lived in Granville.

In 1911, Myran, Nellie, and their daughter (Anna Belle) also came to North Dakota. They lived at first with his parents, then moved north of Granville, to a cabin owned by a Mr. Christianson. They later moved into a claim shack on the Walter Wheeler homestead.

In the fall of 1914, they moved southwest of Granville to a farm owned by Adam Gansz, the local undertaker, but only lived there for a year. Again they moved, north to what was then the James Pierson farm, where they remained until the early 1920s, when they lived for a year or two on his father's farm south of Norwich, finally purchasing a home of their own.

In April of 1916, they lost a young daughter from a ruptured appendix. In 1920, a son, Hollis, was born and, over the next four years, they had two more daughters: Arlyss and Evelyn.

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