Sollid & Trana Families

Ivan and Anna Sollid, with their five children (Ole, Hans, Sophia Caroline, Petrina, and Inga) Left their home in Vogsvick, Norway, and came to America on a ship called "Umbra of the Gunnard Line" in 1892. Mr. Sollid had been a blacksmith and fisherman in Norway.

The trip took three weeks. Disembarking in New York, they traveled by train to North Dakota, settling in Mayville, where Ivan Sollid established a clocksmith shop. Later, the family moved to Simcoe, North Dakota, where he became a farmer.

Ole J. Trana was born in 1878 in Stenkjaer, Norway, He came to America with his parents, Johann and Maren Trana on the Gunnard Lines. Johann Trana had been a carpenter and fisherman in Norway. In 1881, when Ole was three years of age, they settled on a farm near Kindred, North Dakota.

In 1901, Ole J. Trana homesteaded at Simcoe, where he met his bride, Sophia Caroline. They were married in the home of her parents on July 15, 1906. The newlywed couple moved into a one-room house.

Ole and Caroline Trana had five children: Irvin, Margaret, Milton, Oswald, and Stanley, the latter of which died of pneumonia before his second birthday.

Margaret married Joe Fjelstad, Oswald married Adeline Pretzer, and Milton married Betty Stoltz.

Milton farmed 960 acres in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

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