Simon & Betsey Nestingen

Simon Nestingen and Betsey Aasen were married on November 29, 1899 at Clifford, Trail County, North Dakota.

In the spring of 1901, they homesteaded in Kottke Valley Township 156 N, Range 80 W, Section 22, farming 240 acres of land, raising turkeys on the side. Kottke Valley Township is in McHenry County, North Dakota, near Granville.

Simon was a butcher by trade, so they were able to home-cure their own meat. They also had a large garden, raising much of their own vegetables. Simon was also an avid fisherman.

In 1936, Simon Nestingen passed away, at which time their only son, Harold, took over farming with his mother.

In 1939, Harold was married to the former Palma Moen, also of the Norwich area. Harold continued farming until the fall of 1949, when he, his wife, and three children, moved to Minot.

Betsey Nestingen continued to live on the farm during the summer for a few years, then moved to Minot. The house and farm buildings were sold for upkeep and restoration.

Betsey passed away in March of 1969, at the age of ninety-two. Harold managed the farm, which was rented out. Harold died on February 24, 1975.

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