Sanford & Ora Temanson

Sanford Temanson was born in 1890 at Grand Meadow, Minnesota, the oldest of ten children born to Sever and Andrea Temanson.

In 1911, at the age of twenty-one, he came to Norwich, North Dakota and clerked in the store for Ole Heringer, and lived with the Heringers. Later, he went to work for the Farmers Elevator, where he was the manager until 1925. He then bought one of the other elevators and, with H.H. Westlie of Minot, ran it for several years.

Ora Rygayr was born in 1891 in Forest City, Iowa. Her parents were Henry and Anna Rygayr. There were seven children in the Rygayr family when they came to Ward County, North Dakota and homesteaded in Burt Township, SW of Minot, in the Drady community. Ora attended school in Minot.

The family later moved back to Iowa, but the older children remained in North Dakota. Ora worked for the Skadlund family, who lived south of Norwich. That is where she met Sanford Temanson.

Sanford and Ora were married on February 18, 1915 in Forest City, Iowa, but returned to Norwich to live in the house owned by the Farmers Elevator. The family then moved to the southern part of town, just east of the Lutheran church, where they lived until the fall of 1939, at which time they moved to Minot.

There had five children: Helen (Mrs. H.J. Hagen), Doris (Mrs. Gerald Peterson), Donald, Robert, and Harlyn.

When business went bad in the elevator business in the 1930s, Sanford sold insurance. Then he went to work for George State, who owned the Allis Chalmers Implement, and also did some auctioneering. When Mr. State died, Sanford ran the business and later took it over.

Sanford and Ora were active in the Lutheran Church, and in community affairs. They would sing together, and Sanford would help with the church choir, and was a member of several quartets and male choruses. Singing with him were Nick Kringlee, Nelson Kaufman, and Ole Heringer.

Sanford Temanson passed away on June 11, 1961, and Ora died on March 18, 1973.

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