Samuel & Mary Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel O. Miller were married on December 12, 1906 at the home of her parents southwest of Granville, North Dakota.

Samuel Miller came to Granville in 1900, and worked as a fireman on George Jurgen's threshing rig. He returned to his home in Saunemin, Illinois for a time, then returned in his brother, Charles Miller's, box car, along with another brother, George, and a friend, Louis Braun, in 1901.

Samuel filed a homestead claim SW ¼ of Section 14 in Granville Township, where Mr. and Mrs. Miller made their home, and their son, Russell, was born.

Later, they moved to a farm in Norwich Township, where they lived until 1917, when they bought a farm in Hendrickson Township.

Mrs. Miller was Mary Jurgens before she was married. She came to the Granville area from Kanawha, Iowa with her parents and family in 1905.

Samuel and Mary Miller retired from farming in 1943, and spent seventeen years  in Long Beach, California, returning to Granville each spring.

Samuel Miller died in January of 1966, and Mary Miller passed away in May of 1973.

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