Otis & Annie Lee

Otis Lee was born in Gilmonton, Wisconsin on May 8, 1882. Annie Rudlang was born in Norway on December 18, 1881. Annie came to the United States with sisters when she was eighteen, disembarking in New York. She worked in various places until she met Otis, and they were married on December 21, 1910.

Following their marriage, they lived in the Norwich, Grenora and Deering area of North Dakota, where they farmed. They then moved to to Simcoe, where they operated a pool hall and ice cream parlor. Otis also worked as a section foreman for the Great Northern Railway.

Later, they moved to a farm southeast of Granville. In 1948, they sold that farm and bought another east of Granville. In 1957, they sold that farm and bought a house in Granville, where they lived in retirement until moving to Velva in 1969. In 1972, they moved to the Lutheran Home in Minot. Annie passed away in 1974.

Otis and Annie Lee were the parents of five children: Albert, Bertha, Irene, Mildred, and Hazel.

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