O.S. & Margaret Hills

O.S. and Margaret (Carr) Hills lived near Carrville, Iowa, where Grandfather Carr kept a combined store and post office. Their son, Orlo Clair, was born there on January 22, 1894.

Later, the Hills family moved near Nashua, Iowa, in the vicinity of the Little Brown Church. Two of their sons were born at Nashua. Leon Carr was born on May 11, 1896. Dean Dewey was born on March 2, 1898. O.S. farmed at Nashua.

Moving to Charles City, Iowa, O.S. was employed by the Hart Parr Factory as a mechanic. On July 11, 1904, their daughter was born, and named Margaret Helen.

The O.S. Hills family came to Granville in 1905, where they farmed in Egg Creek Township, McHenry County, North Dakota. They lived in a frame home, where a son, Lowell Oliver, was born on January 19, 1909.

O.S. Hills died on July 27, 1950.

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