Orlo Livingston Ehart

Orlo Livingston Ehart was adopted by the C.L. Eharts in July of 1908. Orlo's father, W.O. Livingston, hoping to be able to keep his son with him, had farmed him out to various families for short stays. They included the Ward Beechers, where Orlo contracted scarlet fever, the William Richards in the Granville area, then with an aunt and uncle, the Ernie Patricks of Sawyer. Later, he lived with the Charlie Morrisons in Saline Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

It was from there that he came to the Ehart home. About a year later, Mary Frances Ehart was born, and they spent their early years on the farm in Saline Township.

Orlo began school in the rural school that was located on the Ehart land, where his first teacher was Maxwell Anderson's oldest sister. Later, the school was moved and he had to go 2 ¾ miles in order to get to school. In 1916, he started attending school in Granville when the Eharts moved into town.

Life in Granville for a child involved skating and swimming, usually without permission, at the reservoir, as well as neighborhood games, and Boy Scout outings. There were odd jobs too. Orlo shoveled snow in the winter, ran washing machines for several women in town by pushing a hand lever back and forth and pumping a foot lever up and down, and he also worked summers on his Uncle Jim Crain's farm plowing corn.

After graduating from Granville High School, he began work as an apprentice barber in Guy Pelsey's Barber Shop. He took the State Board examination and became a Master Barber in 1927. He continued to work for Pelsey until June of 1928, when he bought the shop from him.

The shop burned on March 21, 1931. After traveling on the West Coast for a while, he bought a shop in Cooperstown in July of that year. After two years in Cooperstown, he traded shops for one in Lehr. After one year, he returned to open another shop in Granville.

During his years in Granville, he belonged to a number of civic and fraternal organizations, including fifty-five years with the Granville Fire Department, of which he was Fire Chief for twenty-one years. He was a Life member of the North Dakota State Fire Association. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge, the Scottish Rite and Shrine. He was a member of the Hope Congregational Church, and trustee for a number of years. He was the mayor of Granville for eight years (1952-1960), and a member of the Granville Community Club, for which he sat on the board of trustees. He was also a member of the Granville Bicentennial Executive Committee.

Orlo married Violette Hunt, of Max, North Dakota, on July 6, 1938. She was a teacher at Minot State College. Orlo and Violette had two children: Jarvis and Robert.

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