Ole Rom

Born in Norway in 1860, Ole Rom came to the United States when he was twenty-three years old. He came to Devils Lake, North Dakota by train, then walked most of the distance between Devils Lake and Villard, twenty-eight miles south of Towner.

He homesteaded a short distance from the Norway Church in 1886, and his home was the eastern terminal point for his mail route to Minot. He was the first mail carrier, which required traveling nearly a thousand miles during the winter of 1886 and 1887, carrying the mail to and from Burlington, for which his pay was one 18 month-old heifer.

Ole signed the application to establish a post office in Minot, as it was necessary to have a courier's name on the application. Before that, his delivery was to a tar-paper shack that served as a post office.

Ole married a childhood sweetheart from Norway, walking most of the way to Devils Lake to meet her upon her arrival. She passed away, and Ole remarried in 1939. Ole Rom died in May of that year, and his body was taken over the same route he traveled to deliver the mail, which was a rought prairie trail. Burial was in the Norway Church cemetery.

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