Ole & Mathea Olson

Ole Olson was born in Nordfjord, Norway. He immigrated to America by steamer ship. Mathea Haukeson was born at Solar, Norway. She also came to America by ship.

Ole and Mathea were married at Portland, North Dakota, after which they took out a homestead claim, in 1901, in Norwich Township 155, Range 80, NW Quarter of Section 2, in McHenry County, North Dakota.


Their son, George, was two years old when they moved from Portland to Norwich Township. Ole built a two-room house on their homestead, to which he later added two rooms. Much later, in 1948, George remodeled the house, but a portion of the original home was left intact, as part of the remodeled house.

All of Ole and Mathea's children were born while they resided in Portland. Besides George, their children were Otto, Elmer, Arthur, and Ella.

George Olson married Pauline Pederson on July 6, 1929. Pauline was from Clifford, North Dakota, and had come to Norwich with  her parents in 1913.

George and Pauline had one son, Robert, who later married Lois Fossum, of Minot.

Ole Olson bought the adjoining quarter south of his homestead, and George purchased two more quarters, living on his homestead for seventy years before moving to Granville in the 1970s.

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