Ole & Maren Sather

Maren Anna Hamsaas was born, the oldest of nine children, on May 16, 1875, at Inderoy, Norway. There, she lived with her parents on their farm, then was employed at a pastor's home.

Ole Martin Sather was born on December 23, 1875, at Lavanger, Norway. He was the second youngest in a family of seven children. In Norway, he was employed doing farm work, and later spent a year in military school.

Ole and Maren were married on September 17, 1899 in Lavanger, while still in Norway. They made their home there for a short time then, in August of 1901, they left Norway for the United States. At that time, they had one son, Oscar.

On August 19, after only a few days at sea, their second son, Ole, was born. On their arrival at Liverpool, England, they were delayed for a few days because of a strike, but then they continued.

Finally, they arrived in Velva, McHenry County, North Dakota on September 2, 1901. That fall, they filed a homestead claim. While there, they completed their family, giving birth to three boys and three girls.

They lived on North Prairie for many years, during which they were active in the Sons of Norway Lodge in Simcoe. Later, they moved to Velva.

Their eight children are Oscar, Ole, Einer, Jule, Martin, Gudrun, Olga, and Alma. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Sons of Norway Hall in Simcoe in 1949, with more than two hundred and fifty persons attending.

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