Ole & Emma Folden

Ole A. Folden was born on the island of Folden, near Stavanger, Norway, on July 29, 1876, the son of Ander and Britha Nelson Faltinsen. The family took the name of the island.

At the age of fourteen, Ole Folden came to America, coming to Clifford, North Dakota. His two brothers, Andrew and Bernhardt, also emigrated to Clifford, while his mother and sisters (Johanna and Anna) remained in Norway. His father and another brother had passed away earlier.


He worked on farms in the Red River Valley, working for a time at the Jourgen Olson farm. He also worked as a lumberjack in Minnesota.

He met Emma Thonette Halderson in Minnesota. She had been born in Valders, Wisconsin in 1877, the daughter of Knud and Ingri Marken Halderson. She was one of a family of five girls and five boys, and grew up in Valders.

For a time, she and her sister, Julia, lived in Chicago, where they worked as dressmakers. She later came to Berwick, where her sister, Aletta, lived. Aletta was married to Ed Fylken, who operated a millinery shop.

Ole and Emma were married at Rugby on August 8, 1906, by the Rev. Carl S. Vang. They farmed at Berwick, and had four daughters: Belinda, Anna, Olina, and Julia.

In the fall of 1916, they bought a quarter of land, SE ¼, Section 27, 156-80 in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota. There, Ole built a barn and a granary, and drilled a well. He went back to Berwick for the winter.


In June of 1917, the family moved onto the farm in Kottke Valley Township, building a house, which was ready to move into by fall. There, they had two more daughters: Illa and Myrtle.

Their daughters, Anna and Myrtle, died young. Anna was born February 18, 1910, and she died on February 24, 1922. Myrtle was born August 28, 1920, and she died on May 25, 1924.

Besides the home quarter, Ole rented additional farm land, farming it with horses. For many years, Ole put up hay with a neighbor in the Buffalo Lodge Lake area, a distance of about ten miles. They brought supplies for a week, and camped out in a tent.

As they had only daughters, Emma and the girls often helped with the farm work. Emma raised a large garden. She also loved flowers and trees, and had lovely plantings, both indoors and out.

Ole Folden passed away in 1939, and Emma died in 1960. They are buried in the Norwich Lutheran Cemetery.

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