Ole & Christine Larsen

Ole Larsen was born in Coon Prairie, Wisconsin in 1871. At the age of fourteen, he moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota with a brother who homesteaded there.

He later returned to Wisconsin, then moved again to South Dakota, before coming to North Dakota, where he first worked on farms in Clifford.

In 1898, he and Emil Everson came to North Dakota by horse and buggy. The first person they met was Henry Hendrickson.

Ole Larsen homesteaded 9 ½ miles south of Granville in Hendrickson Township, McHenry County. He married Christine Thorson, who had also homesteaded in Hendrickson Township.

Ole and Christine Larsen had five children. They were Mabel and Olga, who passed away in infancy, as well as Edwin Milton, Ruth, and Alice.

In 1925, the Larsens moved to Velva so that the girls could attend high school. Christine passed away in 1926, and Ole moved back to the farm where he lived until 1942, when he moved to Minot, dying in 1956.

Edwin Milton married Julia Odland, and had two children: Leonard and Delores. Ruth married L.C. McDaniel, and had three children: Brian, Laurel, and Phyllis. Alice married Lewis Decker, and had two children: Nordis and Darrel.

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