Ole & Barbara Pederson

Ole and Barbara Pederson, and their son, Peder, came to North Dakota from Norway in 1885. The first year, they went to Kindred, North Dakota. The following year, they homesteaded in what was known as the Hay Slaught, which was an area north of the Mouse River.

The first years were difficult, as the Pederson family had to go far for supplies and work. There were roaming bands of Indians then too, but they were not known to be hostile.

In the 1890s, Ole Pederson moved down by the Mouse River and built a home, where they raised their family. Their homestead was in Township 154N, Range 77W, Section 6.

Ole and Barbara Pederson had eleven children: Peder, Albert, Ruda, Oscar, Ella, Thurwald, Anne, Fred, Bertha, Olga, and Olaf.

The Pedersons moved to Williston in 1918, and Mrs. Pederson passed away there. Mr. Pederson died in 1943

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