Melvin & Ida Loftesnes

Melvin Loftesnes came to Granville, North Dakota with his parents, Andrew and Bertha Loftesnes, in the fall of 1900. His parents filed a homestead claim in the Simcoe area, and Melvin attended a country school about a mile from his home, and helped his father on his farm.

He also attended the AC (now North Dakota State University) at Fargo for a course on running steam engines. During World War I, he enlisted in the United States Navy. After the war, he managed an implement business in Simcoe for a time.

He married Ida Grindberg, who was also from the Simcoe area. Ida had graduated from Velva High School, and had become a school teacher. Her father, Carl Grindberg, had immigrated to the United States from Norway, and was a shoemaker by trade.

Melvin and Ida began farming, renting various farms in the Simcoe area until they purchased their own farm in 1931.

They had six children. Joan was the first, but she died while still an infant.

Mona was born in 1925, graduating from Granville High School in 1942, attended college for a time, then married Blake Helberg in 1948, and moved to Wyoming.

Ardy was born in 1927, graduating from Granville High School in 1945. She married C.B. Stevens in 1946. They farmed near Granville until 1950, when they moved to Oregon.

Melvin Jr. was born in 1929, and was killed in a farm accident in 1944.

Kathryn was born in 1930, and graduated from Granville High School in 1948. She married Stan Hillerud in 1949.

Andrew was born in 1933, graduated from Granville High School in 1951, then farmed with his father. In 1952, he married Lucille Olson, after which they resided on the family farm four miles southeast of Granville.

Melvin Loftesnes served as a McHenry County Commissioner between 1938 and 1944, and was elected to serve as a Representative during the 1959 and 1961 legislative sessions, from the 34th District.

He retired from active farming in 1961, and sold the farm to  his son, Andrew. He continued to actively assist on the farm until shortly before his death in 1972. Mrs. Loftesnes died in 1952.

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