Jurgens & Lutjens

The Henry Jurgens and Frank Lutjens families came to Granville in 1900. The Jurgens family took out a homestead claim ½ mile west on the north side of the road from the Shipman family. The Lutjens settled about 1 ½ miles east of the old Ed Kemp farm.

George Jurgens was born in Hampshire, Kane County, Illinois in 1879. His parents were Henry and Adeline Jurgens, who moved to Corwith, Iowa in 1880, before moving to Granville, North Dakota.

Jennie Lutjens was born in Grundy Center, Iowa in 1887. The following year, she moved with her parents to Britt, Iowa, where the family lived until 1900, when they came to Granville, North Dakota.

The first year in Granville, George lived about a mile south of the Nichols farm, north of the tracks, and north of the Sallee farm. George had one building with a pointed roof. Half of it was his home, while the other half was for the horses and cows.

George filed on a homestead one mile south and two miles east of Granville, building his house about a half mile across the field and southwest of where the Lutjens lived. Mrs. Fred (Ida) Lutjens baked bread for many of the bachelor farmers in the area.


George Jurgens and Jennie Lutjens were married on Christmas Day in 1905, with the Rev. O.T. Thompson officiating in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Samuel Miller acted as best man, and the bride was attended by her sister, Mary.

Samuel Miller married Mary Jurgens, sister of George, and lived a half mile east of the northwest corner of George's land. A half mile north of this corner is where the John Wertjes family lived. Mrs. Jessie Wertjes was a sister of Fred Lutjens.

George and Jennie Jurgens had two children. Frederick was born in 1907, and Edna came in 1909. When Freddie was five and his sister was three, their father, George, passed away at the age of thirty-three from typhoid fever. Their mother died three weeks later of the same disease; she was twenty-five.

Freddie and Edna went to live with their uncle and aunt, Frank and Eva Jurgens. When Freddie was twelve, he drowned in the Granville reservoir.

Frank B. Jurgens was born in Britt, Iowa in 1884. He came to Granville with his parents in 1905, and they homesteaded there. As a young man, he affiliated with the Evangelical Church.

Eva Lutjens was born in Britt, Iowa in 1888 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutjens. In 1900, she came with her parents to Granville, North Dakota, where her parents farmed southeast of town.

She married Frank Jurgens in 1911, and they lived on a farm in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

Frank died in 1940 at the age of fifty-six, and Eva died at the age of eighty-one in 1970.

Henry Jurgens, the father of George and Frank, was born in Germany in 1847, coming to America in 1869. He lived first in Illinois, where he married Adeline Meikie in 1875. In 1880, they settled in Iowa, other than the six years that they lived in Granville, North Dakota.

Fred Lutjens was born in 1863, also in Germany. He married Ida Cordes in 1886 in Black Hawk County, Iowa. They were the parents of eight children. He was fifty-nine when he died in Minnesota in 1922.

Edna Jurgens became a school teacher, and married Oscar Folden.

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