John & Lucy Odland

John Odland emigrated to the United States from Stavanger, Norway in 1902, coming to McHenry County, North Dakota. For a time, he worked for Arndt Walley, then he took out a claim on a homestead in Hendrickson Township.

He married Lucy Thompson in 1910. Lucy was the daughter of Simon and Borghild Thompson, who were early pioneers on the Mouse River. John and Lucy Odland had three children: Selmer, Julia, and Lawrence.

Mrs. Odland passed away due to complications in childbirth on December 15, 1915.

In 1918, John Odland married Otilie Berg, and together they gave birth to two children: Martin, who died in infancy, and Ingvold.

In 1932, they moved to the Ludvig Hendrickson farm, which they had purchased. In 1954, they bought a home in Velva.

John Odland died in March of 1969, and Mrs. Odland passed away in October of that year.

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