Joe & Pearl Lund

Joseph "Joe" Lund was born in Benson, Minnesota in 1895. His parents were John and Anna Lund. Anna had been born in Norway.

Peter and Louisa Woods were the parents of three boys and one girl: Will, Frank, Lorenz, and Pearl. Peter's real name had been Pierre Charliboy, but he changed it to Peter Woods.

Peter Woods was a U.S. State Marshall at Devils Lake, North Dakota, and Louisa had charge of feeding the prisoners in the jail. Peter was a government interpreter at the time of the Turtle Mountain Treaty.

Pearl was born in Devils Lake, North Dakota on August 7, 1897. She was educated in Montana, except for one year in Bell Plains High School, in Fittle Falls, Minnesota. Pearl's father was the head of the Department of Indian Affairs in Montana. As a young girl, she would look forward to the Wild Buffalo Bill Circus. When the circus came to town, they would set up right next to the Woods home. Since some of the stakes for the tent would have to be placed on the Woods property, the entire family would get into the show free of charge.

In Little Falls, Pearl and her brothers attended the German Lutheran Church, where services and Sunday School were conducted in the German language. Often, as soon as services were over, they would run down the street a couple of blocks and attend services and Sunday School at the Congregational Church, which was conducted in English.

While the Woods family lived on the homestead, after Peter Woods had died, there was no church to attend. Sunday School literature was ordered through the mail, and Sunday School was held at a neighbor's home. Still, on Sundays, the whole family would put on their best clothes, their mother would get out her best dresser scarves, and place the pretty quilt on the bed.

Pearl and Joe Lund were married in 1917 at Sidney, Montana. They had eight children. Victor died as a child in a barn fire on the farm. The others were Louisa, John, Joseph, Frances, Vereen, Joyce, and Sharon.

Joe had to retire from farming after he came down with rheumatoid arthritis. He then took over the operations of a gas station in Granville. Joe passed away on March 15, 1966.

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