James & Bessie McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. James W. McDaniel were both born near Sweet Springs, Missouri. When they met, Mr. McDaniel was a widower with three children: Jessie, Leona and Herbert. He lived on a farm in Missouri.

In 1902, James McDaniel came from Sweet Springs to North Dakota on an immigrant car, and worked for a Mr. James Crain, who farmed north of Granville. Mr. McDaniel filed on a homestead east of the current site of Riga Township, then returned to Missouri, where he married Bessie Parkhurst in Sweet Springs on March 4, 1903.

Following his marriage, he and his son, Herbert, came to the homestead in late March of 1903, leaving his wife, a teacher, and his two daughters to follow after the school term was completed. Arriving in Riga, the family lived in the Riga Hotel until their farm home was built. The children attended school in Riga.

In 1906, the family moved into Granville where Mr. McDaniel operated a dray line for several years before moving to the Robert Hunter farm south of Granville. In 1917, he bought a farm southwest of Granville, where the family lived until 1936.

Mr. McDaniel passed away in 1928. In 1936, Mrs. McDaniel bought a home in Granville. She took a course in practical nursing, and operated a nursing home as long as Granville had a resident doctor. In later years, she taught school in the rural areas, before retiring in 1954. She passed away in 1957.

The family's children were Jessie (Mrs. Jesse Mueller), Leona (Mrs. Leona Bailey), Taber, Herbert, James, Emma (Mrs. Lester Murphy), Eugene, Russell, Blanche (Mrs. Russell Miller), Curtis, and Helen (Mrs. Fred Mitchon).

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