Jacob & Brita Horvey

Brita was born to Ole and Anna Lund in 1835. She married Mr. Clousen, who later passed away, in Norway. She had two children from her first marriage.

She came to America with two children from Norway; one girl, who was lost in New York City, and Peter, her son.

Later, she married Jacob Horvey, who had been born in 1848. They lived at Sathre, Iowa, which was close to Decorah. Jacob and Brita had two children: Maren Claudena and Bernard.

In 1884, they set out for North Dakota, where Brita's grown son, Peter, had already settled, homesteading land north of Towner.

Maren Claudena, who was known as Dena, was eight years old when they made the trip to North Dakota. They came by immigrant car as far as Devils Lake, which was as far as the tracks had been extended at that time. From there, they continued by covered wagon, carrying their few belongings, and herding a couple of cows.

That first winter, they stayed with Peter Thorson and, when spring came, they went to look for their own land. They had wanted land along the river but all of the river frontage property had already been taken. They settled about a half mile from the river, and about ten miles south of Denbigh (155-77).

Jacob Horvey died in August of 1892, at the age of forty-four. Dena and her mother went back to Iowa, as the winters were cold, leaving Bernard in North Dakota to care for the cattle. While they were away, Bernard was caught in a storm, and was found dead on the prairie. He was buried in the Norway Lutheran cemetery, ten miles south of rural Denbigh.

Dena and her mother went back to Sathre, Iowa, where Dena met Theodore Anfinson.

Theodore was born in 1868, in Iowa, to a family of twelve, seven girls and five boys. His father, Sjur Anfinson, had come from Norway. His mother, Brita, had been born to Andrew and Brita Berdahl. Sjur and Brita raised their family on a farm near Decorah.

Theodore and Dena were married on November 18, 1895 in the Big Canoe Church in Sathre, Iowa. They lived in Sathre for a few years, then came to Denbigh to live on the Horvey homestead.

Dena's mother stayed alone at Sathre until 1911, then came to live with the Anfinsons. Brita passed away in May of 1917.

Theodore and Dena had twelve chldren: Stella, Geneva Julson, Clarence, Myrtle Thressa Moen, Irvin Bernhard, Eugene Herbert, Lester Francis, Beatrice Irene Hanson, Arnold Sanford, Esther Mildred Kvame, Theodore Raymond, Chester Palmer, and Dean Harvey.

Theodore Anfinson passed away on November 9, 1939, and is buried at Norwich Lutheran cemetery.

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