Jacob & Anna Hovdestad

Jacob Hovdestad and his wife, Anna, were both natives of Norway. Around 1898, Jacob came to the United States and settled at Clifford, North Dakota, where he farmed. Anna Nestingen also came to the United States. Jacob and Anna were married and resided on Jacob's farm near Clifford for a time before moving to the Granville area.

Jacob bought a quarter of land, in Township 126, Range 80, Section 17, from Emil Esmand in 1906, where Jacob and Anna Hovdestad lived in a small two-room house until a larger one could be built.

They had ten children: Mary, Theresa, Ida, Joe, Olga, Elmer, Clarence, Clara, Maynard, and Viola.

Jacob Hovdestad died in 1930, after which Anna and the children moved to Seattle, Washington.

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