Henry Ward Beecher Family

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher came from Iowa in the early 1900s, and homesteaded in Kottke Valley Township, Section 24 and 25, McHenry County, North Dakota. Henry was a half-brother to Charlie Martin, who homestead 1 ½ miles south of Granville.

The Beecher's children were: Ada (Mrs. Guy Molden), Henry, Marshell, Eva (Mrs. A.J. Young), Curtis, and William.

Mrs. Beecher died in 1919. Henry took as his second wife, Ida Woods, the mother of Louis, in 1923.

Henry Ward Beecher died on June 5, 1929. Ida Woods Beecher died on November 21, 1940.

Marshell was born September 12, 1892 in Wisconsin. He came to the Granville area with his parents. As an adult, he operated a meat market, grocery store, cafe, and was also a livestock buyer. He married Ellen Laumann on April 24, 1915. They had a son, Lyle.

Ellen Laumann was the daughter of Johan and Anna Laumann from Norway. She and four of her brothers came to America when Anna was nineteen. She lived with an aunt in Hudson, Wisconsin for a short time, then moved to Minneapolis, where she worked as a waitress in a cafe. Later, she came to the Minot area, where she met Marshell. In 1975, she died shortly after her 90th birthday.

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