Halvor & Sina Johnson

Halvor Johnson was born in Norway on March 17, 1877, immigrating to America in 1898.

Sina Nestingen was  born on January 8, 1874, growing up near Clifford, North Dakota.

Halvor and Sina were married on March 9, 1900. In 1901, they filed on a homestead in Kottke Valley Township 156N, Range 80W, Section 21 & 22, along with Sina's brother, S.T. Nestingen and E.S. Omlid. The same fall and winter, they built homestead shacks.

In the spring of 1902, their personal belongings were shipped by Great Northern Railroad, and were unloaded from the railroad at a point about a mile east of Norwich, as the water was too high for them to unload nearer to their homestead.

The family came to Kottke Township, McHenry County, North Dakota in May of 1902, coming from Trail County, Clifford, North Dakota.

That first year, Halvor broke a few acres of land, then S.T. Nestingen and Halvor drove horses and wagon back to Clifford, a distance of more than two hundred miles, to help with threshing in order to earn living expenses for the winter.

Halvor continued to farm his land until 1960, when he sold the farm, passing away in December of 1961, at the age of eighty-four. Sinda died at the age of eighty-five, in July of 1959.

Halvor and Sina Johnson had four boys, but two died in infancy. The others were Julian and Thorvald.

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