Fred Roble

Fred Roble was born at Cannon Falls, Minnesota on October 4, 1883, and grew up in Austin, Minnesota. He attended school there and became a printer's apprentice and newspaper carrier in January, 1896. In September of that year, he became a full-time employee with the newspaper.

In 1899, he moved to Devils Lake, North Dakota, where he worked as a printer and clerk. He stayed there for two years before returning to Austin.

That same year, in 1901, he came to Granville, North Dakota, and worked in a print shop during the fall of 1901.

Meanwhile, several members of the Roble family. led by his older brother, Frank, had proved up homesteads north of Deering, and Fred joined them. He kept that homestead until 1958.

In the fall of 1907, Fred went to Mohall to work for Charlie Lano who was then, not only the postmaster, but also the owner of the Mohall News.

On March 21, 1908, Fred married Amanda Wallin, of Deering. Soon, Amanda had learned nearly all of the fine points of the printing and publishing business, and helped her husband in the profession.

Fred decided to go into the newpaper business in Deering and, from 1909 to 1921, he published the Deering Enterprise. During that period, he was also clerk of the Deering school board and clerk of the Deering village board, as well as the postmaster for a time.

In 1921, he took a brief departure from the newpaper and printing business, and went into the garage business in Deering. Then he went to Williston and worked as a parts man in an automobile agency. From Williston, he moved to Minot and became a salesman for Model T Fords and Fordson tractors.

He missed the newspaper business, howerver. In 1925, he purchased the Granville Herald and, for the next twenty-seven years, he and his wife published the Herald.

Fred sold the Herald in 1952 when his wife decided that she wanted to take life a little easier. Fred continued to operate the Granville Print Shop, and wrote articles and feature news for the Herald.

Mrs. Roble died in July of 1963. Fred Roble died in December of 1964. He was eighty-one years old. The funeral services were held in the Hope Congregational Church, with Rev. Gary David officiating.

On May 7, 1976, Fred Roble was inducted posthumously into the North Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame.

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