Fred & Edna Fredrickson

Fred Fredrickson was born on June 15, 1914. Edna Peterson was born on October 11, 1912.

Edna graduated from Granville High School in 1931. She and Fred were married at the P.C. Peterson home on August 21, 1938.

Fred and Edna Fredrickson had four children. Atha JoAnn was born in 1940, but lived only a few hours. She is buried in the family plot in the Granville Cemetery. Roger was born in 1941, Darlene in 1943, and LeRoy in 1945.

During the time that Fred and Edna lived on the farm, he operated a threshing rig. Then he sold the farm, and moved to Granville, where he operated a dray-line. He also did some private trucking, and ran the Standard Station for a number of years. He worked for Central Power in Voltaire in 1952, living on a number of farms in the Voltaire region. Later, they built a home in Voltaire.

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