Frank J. Deibler Family

Frank J. Deibler came to Granville, McHenry County, North Dakota on March 3, 1901. He came on an immigrant car, bringing his two horses, a cow, and all of the family possessions, from Vritt, Iowa. Mrs. Deibler came by train with the three children, Scott, Julia, and Frank (Jack).

The family lived with Frank's sister, Mr. Charley Shipman, while his farm home was being built about five miles southeast of Granville.

Another daughter, Ann, was born in Granville.

Frank farmed his land, and had a threshing outfit. In the winter, he bought coal that he sold to the farmers. He was killed in a train wreck at Granville on December 29, 1905.

Mrs. Deibler was remarried four years later to Reuben Freese. They had two children together, Florence and Bert. She died in June of 1932.

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