Fiskvig Family

John Fiskvig was born in Trondhjem, Norway in 1860. He immigrated to the United States in 1888, and worked as a farm laborer near Madison, Minnesota.

In 1897, he married Anna (Fossum) Lund, who had also been born in Trondhjem, Norway, and had come to America, leaving her parents and family in Norway. Her uncle, who lived in Madison, Minnesota, had sent her a ticket that she had to work off once she arrived in Minnesota.

John's wife, Anna, had three boys by a previous marriage. They were Julius, Gilbert and Joseph. Their father had died when the children were very young.

John and Anna farmed near Madison for a few years, in which four girls were added to the family: Bella, Glenda, Cora and Josephine.

In the fall of 1904, John Fiskvig, accompanied by Anna's brother, John Fossum, left for North Dakota, where each took a homestead northwest of Granville, in McHenry County.

In the spring of 1905, the family left Minnesota for their new home in North Dakota. John and the three boys came in the immigrant car along with the stock, machinery, and furniture. His wife, Anna, and the four girls, rode in the passenger train.

While the house was being built, the family stayed with John Fossum in his one-room shack. His homestead was across the road from where the Rising church used to be.

When the house was completed, the family moved in. Over the years, four more boys were added to the family: Elmer, Carl, Moody and Alvin. John and Anna Fiskvig raised eleven children on a quarter of land and a few cows.

Their daughter, Bella, passed away in 1914, at the age of sixteen. John Fiskvig died in 1925, and his wife, Anna, passed away in 1957. They are buried in the cemetery in Granville, North Dakota.

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