Everett Hamilton Family

The Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hamilton family came to Granville in 1919, settling on a farm two and three-quarter mile southwest of Granville, on a farm that was then known as the Ed Orth farm, which was across the road from the Walter Gillespie farm.

Everett Hamilton and his two oldest sons arrived by immigrant car during the first part of March, 1919. With them, they brought several horses, a cow, some grain, machinery, and household furniture.

Mrs. Hamilton and the rest of the children arrived later, around the middle of March, by train.

Mr. Hamilton had grown up near Princeton, Minnesota. He met and married his wife at Elk River, Minnesota on December 23, 1899. They lived on an eighty-acre farm near Princeton until they moved to North Dakota in 1919.

The Hamilton family arrived in North Dakota during a flu epidemic, which claimed the life of their oldest daughter, Mable, shortly after their arrival.

Among the family's earliest and closest friends, after their arrival in Granville, were the Gillespie family, who lived across the road from them, and the family of Ed Orth, who had moved to a farm nearby.

Mr. Hamilton died on November 3, 1961, and Mrs. Hamilton passed away on May 4, 1970. They gave birth to twelve children, including eight girls and four boys.

Everett Hamilton's grandfather's brother was Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasurer of the United States.

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