Emil & Thea Everson

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Everson were both born in Norway. Emil was seventee years old when he came to the United States, working in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and on several farms around Clifford, North Dakota. Thea came from Norway with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jens Thorson, when she was three. The family settled on a farm near Clifford, where she and Emil met, and later married.

In the 1890s, the Thorsons decided to move to Velva, which was the nearest town at that time. There they homesteaded a quarter on the Mouse River, about twelve miles south and one mile east of Granville, building a sod house and a sod barn, where they would live for several years.

The flood of 1902 struck without warning, and in the middle of the night. As they lived along the river, they had a boat so they made several trips retrieving their stock, cattle, pigs and chickens, moving them to higher ground.

Mr. Thorson was quite ill at the time, and he died shortly after.

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Everson, and their daughter, Ella, and Ole Larson, decided to come to the same area to homestead so, in 1900, the Eversons homesteaded in Hendrickson Township. Mr. Larson took the quarter south of them.

The Eversons lived in a two-room shack for several years. As their family grew, a lean-to was built. In 1909, they moved into a new nine-room house.

In 1925, they rented the farm, had a sale, and moved into Granville where Emil started the Mouse River Company, along with Ben Ratleffe, for several years. Then he bought land east of Granville, where he raised cattle and sheep.

The Eversons had seven children: Ella, Matilda, Ida, Oscar, Alma, Selma, and Lynn.

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