Edward & Emma Orth

Edward's parents, Henry and Mary Orth

Henry Orth was born on January 16, 1831 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Mary Clark was born on July 14, 1831 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. They were married and has three sons: Joseph, Edward, and Addison.

Edward (Ed) Calvin Orth was born on September 12, 1864 in Pennsylvania. The Henry Orth family traveled from Pennsylvania to Illinois, and then to Missouri, before settling in North Dakota.

In the spring of 1902, Henry and Mary Clark Orth, their three grown sons, and their families, came from Parnell, Missouri to North Dakota to homestead. Henry and his son, Edward, homesteaded across the Mouse River from the Martin Bredalen family.


They came to North Dakota in covered wagons, accompanied by John Sword, Columbus McQuary, Charles Whittish, and some others. The trip took five weeks. When they arrived in Devils Lake, one of the men got out of the wagon with a gun, intending to shoot some game. The gun went off, shooting Ed in the hip. He was taken to a doctor in Devils Lake, where the wound was dressed, but the bullet was not removed. Years later, when he was in his seventies, he had surgery, and the doctors found the bullet under skin, but in the opposite hip.

Mrs. Edward Orth and sons, Arthur, Calvin, and Clark, came by train, while Joseph Orth came with the immigrant car, bringing the stock, machinery and furniture. They arrived in Granville on May 26, 1902, living in Granville until their sod house was built on the homestead.

Arthur began school at a school house on the river southeast of Granville, as there was no school in town. In 1903, the schoolhouse burned, along with all of the books, so there was no school that year. In 1904, a new school was built, one that was later moved onto the Granville City Park and restored as part of the city's bicentennial celebrations. Emma Espeseth Orth had attended that school during her grade school years.

In the flood of 1903, Mrs. Erick Espeseth and Martha, Emma, and Anna came to stay at Ed Orth's homestead, as their own home was filled with water. Erick Espeseth and the boys remained in the flooded homestead, so that they could take care of the livestock. On September 12, 1903, there was a fierce blizzard.


The crops were poor, the ground was sandy, and their was too often either not enough water or too much water, but in the fall of 1904, Ed Orth moved to a farm 2 ½ miles southwest of Granville, where Orlan, Eunice and Ethel were born.  They lived in a claim shack with a rounded roof until a house and barn could be built. The place was later known as the Hamilton farm.

Ed and Emma Orth had six children.

Arthur was born on September 22, 1896 at Parnell, Missouri. He married Emma Espeseth in 1920.

Calvin was born on June 12, 1901, also in Parnell, Missouri. Calvin married Bertha Pederson from the Hay Slaugh on the Mouse River in 1924.

Clark's birthdate was June 12, 1901, also in Parnell, Missouri. He married Lillian Drew in 1926.

Orlan was born in Granville on January 31, 1907. He married Ida Brabandt. Later, he married Esther Johnson.


Eunice was born on February 17, 1912 at Granville. She married Paul Alson Woodall in 1929.

Ethel was born on July 14, 1914, also at Granville. She married Selmer Fimreite, of Minot, North Dakota.

Henry and Mary Orth, along with their sons, Addison and Joseph, his wife, Fannie, and their children, moved to Colorado where they remained for the rest of their lives. Henry Orth died at the age of eighty-five in 1916. Mary Orth had passed away two months previous, one month before she would have been eighty-five.

Ed Orth died at the age of eighty-five, in 1949, and was buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Minot.

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