Earl & Emma Woodall

Earl Edwin Woodall was born on May 31, 1875, at Rock Falls, Iowa. He was married to Emma Jane on February 9, 1899, in Nora Springs, Iowa.


Coming from Rock Falls, Iowa, Earl Edwin Woodall filed a homestead claim in 1901 in Kottke Valley Township 156N, Range 80W, Section 1, which later became known as the Duane Woodall home. Earl built his homestead shack, then went back to Iowa for the winter. During the winter, the Joe Woods family lived in their shack while their own home was being built.

In the spring of 1902, Earl's wife, Emma, and their daughter, Lila, came. An emigrant car brought their household furniture, machinery, and livestock.

Almada, Marion, Leta and Paul were born after coming to North Dakota.


Earl and Emma Woodall helped to get the Mount Carmel camp meetings started at Grogen's Grove in the early days. Earl bought Mr. Grogen's house and moved it to Deering, where the family lived for a few years.

While shingling a grainery on the farm, Earl stepped on a nail and got blood poisoning. He went to Granville to see Doctor Davies, who admitted him to the hospital, where he was operated on, and all but his little toe was removed.


In 1915, Earl and Charlie Wilkinson, who homesteaded on what would later be known as the Paul Woodall farm, moved to Genora, North Dakota, with their families, where they built a brick garage, sold cars and machinery. In 1921, Earl sold out to Charlie Wilkerson, taking Charlie's farm in trade. Earl and his family moved back to Kottke Valley Township, farming until they moved to Granville in 1941.

Earl and Emma Woodall had five children.

Lila Marie was born in April of 1900, while they were still in Iowa. She married Steve Nustad in 1922, and lived on Earl's homestead for a number of years and farmed.


Almada Jane was born in Nora Springs, Iowa in 1906. She was married in Granville to Frank Lenz in 1925.

Marione Cleone was born in Granville in 1908. She married Glen L. Wilson in Bowbells, North Dakota in 1940.

Leta Irene was born in 1909 in Granville. She was married to Stephen Fabian Walsh in 1929.

Paul Alson, the youngest of the family, and the only son, was born in 1910. He married Eunith Orth in 1929 while in Towner, North Dakota.

Earl and Emma Jane Woodall were married for forty-six years before Emma passed away at the age of sixty-six in 1945. Earl died at the age of seventy-six in 1951. Both are buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Minot, North Dakota.

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