Dutch & Nellie Livingston

William Orlando "Dutch" Livingston was born in 1878, near Lima, Ohio, and later moved with his parents to Britt, Iowa, where he spent most of his childhood.

In 1900, he married Nellie Isenberger, whose father owned and operated a feed store in Britt. At this time, a number of Britt residents were filing on homesteads near Granville, North Dakota.

Dutch and Nellie also decided to move west, taking a claim on a homestead in Egg Creek Township 156, Range 79, N.E. Quarter of Section 19, a few miles west of Granville, North Dakota.

They had three daughters and two sons. In January of 1908, Nellie, who was twenty-nine, and their infant son, died, and were buried in the Granville Cemetery.

Without his wife, Dutch was unable to care for the remaining children, so he found homes for them in the Granville area.

The Joe Pfeischiefters, who lived on a farm east of Simcoe, adopted Charlotte. A Granville physician, Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Platt, adopted Agatha. The Charles L. Eharts, who lived on a farm ten miles north of Granville, adopted Orlo. C.R. Kendall, the publisher of  the Granville Herald, and his wife, adopted Bernice.

After the death of his wife, Dutch moved to Granville where he worked as a cook at a cafe and bakery owned by Harry Watson. Later, he moved to Minot, where he ran restaurants.

While in Minot, Dutch remarried, then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1925. At the time of his death in 1931, he was working as a mail clerk for the Milwaukee Railroad Depot in Minneapolis.

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