Clarence & Clara Cross

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cross were among the early pioneers who staked homesteading claims in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota. Clarence came from Birmingham, Iowa in August of 1901. When he arrived in the Towner area, he was first employed in the harvest fields, and with a stream threshing crew.

On May 6, 1903, he filed a homestead claim on SW ¼, Section 25, of Kottke Valley Township. In 1908, he sold his property and bought land nearby, where he built a farmhouse and other buildings in 1914 and 1914.

He was married to Clara Olimb on January 1, 1914. As a young girl, Clara had come with her parents, Christ and Kari Olimb, from Northwood, North Dakota, about 1900. Her parents homesteaded about a mile from the location which would later become her home.

Clarence and Clara Cross were to have three children: Kenneth, Myrtice and Irene. Kenneth later married a girl named Helga. Myrtice became Mrs. James McKistic, and Irene became Mrs. Lande.

Clarence's memories of his pioneer days include a lot of hard work, breaking ground, adding buildings, planting and reaping crops each year with horse-drawn equipment. But he also looked back on the fellowship that he had with the families who homesteaded the Rising and Granville communities, both in the churches and homes of his friends and neighbors there.

Clarence and Clara served on school and township boards, and held various offices in church, Ladies Aid, and other community organizations.

In 1914, they bought property from Mel Hovey in Granville, where they lived for many years, until moving to a retirement home in Minot.

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