Christ & Kari Olimb

In 1900, Christ and Kari Olimb migrated to western North Dakota to join other adventurous people who were responding to the promise of the opportunities afforded through the Homestead Act.

Leaving their home in Northwood, North Dakota, where Christ had been employed in the harness business for several years, they took out homestead claims in Kottke Valley Township, McHenry County, North Dakota.

Unlike many others who build sod huts, dug-outs, or tar-paper shacks, the Olimbs felt it necessary to build a house that was adequate for eight, as they had four daughters and two sons.

Their children, and their ages when they arrived in Kottke Valley Township, were Oline (14), Clara (12), Gina (10), Tillie (8), Gunder (6), and Ole (4).

Kari Olimb passed away on January 21, 1940, and Christ Olimb died on August 18, 1947. They are buried in the cemetery in Granville, North Dakota.

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