Charles & Mary Barkus

Charles August and Mary Barkus came from Powerville, Iowa. It was warm in Iowa when they left, but cold, with snow on the ground, when they arrived in North Dakota.

Charles and his son, Dell, came with the immigrant car on November 19, 1902, on Dell's tenth birthday. They were met in Granville by Charles' brother, Will, and by the time they had finished unloading the car of household furniture, machinery, and four horses, it was dark. They went to Will's home in Egg Creek Township.

Mary and their daughter, Bessie, came later. Charles homesteaded in Rosehill Township, southeast of Riga, in McHenry County, North Dakota.

Dell, Bessie and Carl Norenberg played for dances around the town and country. Alva Moffatt later joined them, as did Jerald Orth.

Dell married Hettie Toliaferro, and had two children: Hayward and Bobby Dell. Haywood married Bertha Jones, and they had one son, Donald.

Dell's second marriage was to Lydia Drader, and their union produced a daughter named Harriet. Harriet married Alvin Brabandt. His third marriage was to Josephine Barkus.

Bessie married William Drader, and had seven children: Clettus, Cleo, LaVerne, Gwenavere, Dorlin, Delano, and Ted.

Charles August Barkus died at the age of seventy-four, and Mary Barkus died at the age of eighty-four.

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