Anton & Jessie Mueller

Anton G. Mueller was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on July 18, 1877. He later moved with his parents to Milbank, South Dakota.

Anton, also known as Tony, Mueller homesteaded during the early 1900s and, in December 17, 1906, received the patent on land twelve miles north and ½ mile east of Granville, North Dakota. He owned one quarter and rented another. With nothing but prairie, he built a one-room house, and other buildings to house his livestock.

Jessie McDaniel was born in Marshall, Missouri on November 8, 1889. She came from Missouri to Granville with her mother and sister, Leona, in an immigrant train in April of 1903. The trip took three days. Her father and brother, Herbert, had come a few weeks earlier. Her father had filed a claim on a homestead one and a half miles west of Riga, later moving to a house in Granville.

Tony and Jessie were married on November 25, 1907 by the Reverend Snow, a Methodist minister. Jessie's sister, Leona, married Walter Bailey on December 24, 1907, and lived across the road from Tony's.

During their marriage, Tony and Jessie gave birth to twelve children. After J.W. (Bill) and Viola were born, Tony and Jessie moved the family to Granville, where they operated a jewelry store. Tony had trained to be a jeweler in Minneapolis. He operated the store on the west side of Main Street for three years, living in the house that had previously been owned by Jessie's parents, who had since moved to a farm south of Granville.

Tony and Jessie Mueller then moved to Maxbass, North Dakota to sell Watkins products, using a horse and covered van. Tony traveled a large sales route, and was sometimes gone for a week at a time.

Tony bought his first car in 1917. It was a Model T Ford, which he purchased from Charles Kerr in Granville. That year, they returned to the farm. By that time, Gilbert, Leo and George had been born. His neighbors included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ahern (½ mile west), Mr. and Mrs. Dave Oster (1 mile south, ½ mile east), Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chamberlain (½ mile west), and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mallman ( 1 ½ mile south). Tony hauled his grain into Granville with a team and wagon, and hauled coal out.

The Mueller family moved to another farm four miles west, buying it from Charles Harmon on December 30, 1944.

The Mueller's other children were Bessie, Alvin, Richard (Barney), Otheila (Tillie), Ralph, James, and Margeanne. All of the children attended grade school in the country, and some attended Granville High School.

Tony did carpentry work for a number of people as long as his health allowed  him. He passed away in November of 1948, at the age of seventy-one. Jessie went to Minot to work at Trinity Hospital for a few years, then continued to reside in Minot.

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